Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Pumpkinhead Doorhanger

Going to make a few of these guys. Bean's pumpkins resting on the shoulders of my scarecrow doorhangers.

Going on the shop soon.


crudedoodle.com said...

if you came home from work and found this on your front door, you'd call the murder police.

Grim said...

Just when I thought those doorhangers couldn't get any cooler, you combine your efforts and come up with something like this. Looks terrifyingly terrific!

Anonymous said...

BAD ASS- I feel the both you have finally found your niche; the collaboration is superb. The two mediums complement each other beautifully. Now, the difficult part. To be able to keep up with the supply and demand for customers. Stay true to what you do!
Much Respect as always~

Slag Zombie said...

This is an excellent idea! I'll be looking forward to seeing them in the shop.