Sunday, September 7, 2008

Scarecrow 2008: The Hollowman

Bean and I took The Hollowman to Peddler's Village today for the annual scarecrow contest. We had a blast setting him up, and got so many puzzled looks and expressions of disgust. But we also heard a lot of nice things from some people that "got it." He's displayed right out front of a toy store, so there will be a lot of foot traffic, and hopefully some nightmares for children.

Click to see a quick video I threw together to reveal this year's scarecrow:
(It's a huge file)

I'll be working on the 2008 Scarecrow page this week - got a LOT of great shots of The Hollowman.


Grim said...

I love it! Looks great... can't wait to see more pictures on the new page.

I'm trying to get in contact with some parks and rec people down here to possibly get a scarecrow competition started, maybe next year. I don't know if it will work but it won't hurt to try.

Rot said...

Thanks, man.

You should totally try to get that going. It was great when we showed up to the event. The people running it saw me coming and shouted "You never disappoint! We loved your video from last year!"
Cool that they knew about my site. said...

I love it. It's a vile carcass of a thing.