Saturday, November 7, 2009

Iron Cauldron

I stopped down my parents' house yesterday to pick up some stuff I left there after the Halloween display was taken down. The only remnants of Halloween remaining were some rotten pumpkins, a few cornstalks, and that massive cauldron.

Mother [Nervously]: "Don't forget the cauldron...are you going to take it home soon?"
Me: "Soon...soon."

Here's how it looked the day after Halloween (Photo by Bean). Without the corn and pumpkins and logs underneath the cauldron, my parents' lawn looks like it should have a sign "Devil Worshippers Welcome!"

I'll get around to it.

Rotten Son


jay's shadow said...

My mom would of brought it back to my house by now. Even if she couldn't move it, she would of found a way!

NoahFentz said...

I dont know. I can see two paper mached Pilgrams and one Indian lowering a turkey carcass into the pot.

Happy Thankgiving MOM!!

Sam Kadi said...

How did you get those corn stalks to stay in the ground, mine just fell over. Of course it didnt matter since we had 2 feet of snow in Denver and I had no dry power cords for my floods.

I cant wait to absorb the pictures, I am just blown away, I think this is my favorite year of yours.

JHMDF said...

LOL, I understand. My mom has been freaking out ever since before Halloween. I was over there last night for 10 minutes and my mom quickly had to say, "You need to keep packing it away!!!"... as if I had forgotten or something.

Rot said...

We used thin green garden stakes and string to secure the stalks in the ground. It held for the night, but the rain came and made it all heavy and started bending the stalks and then they started flopping to the ground.