Monday, April 26, 2010

Haunters Video Awards

The winners have been announced for the 2009 Haunters Video Awards.

You can view them by clicking below.


Jay's Shadow said...

I really like the video for "Haunted Tiki Island".

Rot said...

I agree. I love that links are provided for the winners' videos/sites.

Such a cool thing that the Davis' and Propmaster do for the haunt community.

Jay's Shadow said...

Congrats to all who won. They all did some really great work and their videos are awesome!

(I can't even add music to a slideshow of my pictures....UGH!)

Any idea when your 2009 video is coming about?

Rot said...

Soon :)


I am also eagerly awaiting the Pumpkinrot/Burning Smile video!

JHMDF said...

lol, I was just about to ask when the vid is coming also.