Thursday, May 5, 2011



Marrow said...

Wow! LOVE the new header! Do I see a new Johnny Appleseed photoshoot in the near future?

Rot said...

Not sure.
His last photoshoot really was the perfect home for him.

It'd have to be something really special.

Jay's Shadow said...

Wow, I have'nt seen that one in a long time. Such a great movie. I'm starting to feel old.

Autumnleaf said...! I thought I was a purist...I mean Bladerunner and Vangelis are synonymous. But this music really works...and the pace is brilliant!
BTW are you and Bean going to attend any of the National Haunted Convention this weekend? I guess it's at the King of Prussia mall?

Marrow said...

Really? I don't remember any pictures of Johnny Applseed with cornstalks behind him.

Rot said...

I was referring to the abandoned farmhouse photoshoot.

This one was from Halloween 2008, before I moved him to the porch.

Rot said...

Nah, I actually didn't even know about it.

One of these years I'll probably attend, just to see all that cool stuff under one roof.