Friday, September 13, 2013

Crisp Night

Windows open and playing Loscil's Steam.
While listening to some night bugs singing their songs.

A nice night for a fire pit.

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Jay's Shadow said...

Currently 66 degrees here, and TOTALLY loving it.

girl6 said...

get your throws out boys & sit beneath the moon!.
no howling.. : D

Autumnleaf said...

Ha!! It's only a half moon but worth howling about the cooler temps....even here, the land of too-hot-almost-always.

I like the sleeping out under idea though. Should put a foam mattress in my pumpkin patch!

John Mangino said...

We did the fire pit tonight as well...AND hoodies!

girl6 said...

yes Autumnleaf!, sleep beneath the
stars & wait for the Great pumpkin to