Thursday, September 12, 2013

Tired House

A HOUSE that lacks, seemingly, mistress and master,  
  With doors that none but the wind ever closes,  
Its floor all littered with glass and with plaster;  
  It stands in a garden of old-fashioned roses. 

Robert  Frost

Image by Emphatic Reprieve Photography.


Neil Ray said...

Giving credit to Shelia Jenkins for the words, but Jennifer Willenborg is a beast of a photographer. Thank you!

From this house, we take no alibis.
Each room secured by its antiquities.
Its shuttered windows,
Its shackled doors,
decree our innocence.
From this porch we oblige shadows.
They take our secrets into sunsets.
They embrace us warm.
They kiss us sensitive.
And we pass green and white
and tomorrows.

---Neil D. Ray

Marrow said...

This made my fanboy heart swell with absolute joy:

If you liked the movie anywhere near as much as I did, you'll know how much these precious photos mean.

Rot said...

cool, man.
yeah, i loved that movie.
was like a dream.

thanks for this link.

now if only the soundtrack would be released.

Rot said...

Thanks for posting that work.
Really nice.

And I agree completely about Jen.

girl6 said...

Oh yeah dude, you & bean should hook up with Jen
& do some Hardcore Collabing together.
Life is tooo short NOT to do Dream projects as such..<33333333333333

& Marrow..
Honestly, you should be doing Apprenticeship work
with film companies in your area..i'm NOT kidding either.
i mean, Wow....
Pete Jackson, Weta Workshop etc, such Huge GREATS
are in your part of the world.

look at Fashion Pioneer Stephen Sprouse..
At 14, he interned with Bill Blass.
At 18, he was Halston's right hand. AND then he became HIMSELF, an American Icon.

dude, i Only say this cause i Care.
You've Got it.