Friday, July 29, 2016

Beauty And The Beast

Even in the obscuring twilight, and behind the lightly floating veil of snow, the Wanderer was clearly no more than a humble old tramp freighter. The most imaginative, the most romantic eye could have detected nowhere about her that lean grace, those sharply cleaving contours which the landsman looks for in a craft all set to embark upon a desperate adventure.

King Kong, the novel.

Image by Nekoglyph.


Sara said...

She was a hottie--this picture proves it!!

Seriously, I love this! People are so inventive and clever!

Rot said...

agreed. brilliant execution.
how the exterior view is actually the interior view as she's getting taken out THROUGH a window rather than poking OUT of a window.

really smart and funny

girl6 said...

Awwwww Kong!!! first Love!!!
great homage & i really hope this is NYC, that would be so poetic.