Friday, August 19, 2016

Straw Men


Jay's Shadow said...

Waiting for this one. Though I couldn't get into the last season of AHS.

Also can't wait for The Walking Dead. DIEING for this.

girl6 said...

Seriously, that clip is probably the COOLEST thing i have seen in ages!!!!

i LOVE Brad Falchuk, i suspect he may be a genius. idk why, AHS sorta drops the ball every year halfway thru each season. it's NOT a creative problem it's a discipline problem? a structural problem? he's not able to draw out his subject matter for the full run of episodes & he's not able to construct a satisfying conclusion from all the story threads that he has created hence the flat endings. he's gotta weave it all together just a little better. he's either gotta add..subtract..extend or shorten certain story threads. this is why tv shows USED to be so formulaic, because you could always ensure the integrity of the story. it would have a beginning middle & end. proper setups & decent payoffs. the way it is now, it's exhilarating to see the creativity but frustrating in that if proper attention isn't given to storytelling construction it doesn't flow or resolve properly & you can't enjoy it viscerally, you just sorta admire it.

Now....Scream Queens IS SOLID GOLD!!!!...HAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!! but, that's my sorta humour tho. : )

girl6 said...

p.s.. had to watch this again.
maybe, he'll include a tiny riff on dorothy gale somehow, somewhere in the plot. i would love if she was like the harvest reaper (from kansas) hahahaha...would love that!!! WOW man...once again this clip took my breath away. can't think of a more exciting straw man moment!!!!

hey, The Strain returns on August 28!!!!!
i CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!
F YOU Summer!!!!!! Die Already.. : )

cherre henderson said...

Can't wait for this!! I agree with girl6, me and my son love Scream Queens!

girl6 said...

Chad Radwell: I love boning girls all over this great land. But really, at the end of the day I just kinda wanna bone one girl. Like that one special girl. I don't know, I just didn't think that girl was you because, obviously there's so much wrong with you. But then I think about the good things about you, like... like how gullible you are, how rich your dad is, and when I think about that girl - the really rich one who's easy to trick - I think she's pretty special too.

i'm sorry!!!! i just had to. : )

Jeff Prentiss said...

comedic gold!

Jeff said...

Now I need to go back and watch Scream Queens it would seem. Already have Hannibal on the list.