Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Good 'n Fruity

Candy revivals aren't all that common, so when a coworker offered me my favorite discontinued candy today, I was ecstatic. Good 'n Fruity was the ultimate find in the trick or treat bag. If you've never had them, they're the fruity version of the licorice candy Good 'n Plenty - a thin capsule with a thick candy shell surrounding a super thin chewy center of some artificial fruit flavor. The thick grainy coating was the key. Handfuls of Good 'n Fruity candy - pure Halloween to me.

It seems the revival was just another re-invention of a totally new candy. They're more like jelly beans now. Thin shell, soft jelly-like center, and only a hint of the flavor that I remember as a child.

A Candy Blog (this guy never had the original version)

Good 'n Fruity: Rest In Peace


The Captain said...

I love me some Good 'n Fruity. They sell the large movie theater size box at Target for a buck and change. I always get a box and a box of Whoppers before going to the drive-in. umm umm