Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Bean introduced me to my latest obsession - the animated "Squidbillies." The humor is sharp and delightfully crude, the music is smooth, and the artwork is truly brilliant. We just picked up the season one dvd.

The background art (and other elements) by Ben Prisk are a joy to scrutinize.

Fortunately, he has a couple blogs featuring his work:

Thanks, Bean. You're cool.


bprisk said...

Thank you for the wonderful compliments!
Ben Prisk

Rot said...

Wow, man.
Thanks for stopping by!

crudedoodle.com said...

wow. this is very cool.

Illustration that belongs framed on a wall.

JHMDF said...

I love the Squidbillies.......and Super Jail.........and Aquateen Hunger Force. They are my favorites on Adult Swim.