Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pine Tar

Bean picked me up some very peculiar soap. Knowing I'd dig its dark and mysterious scent, she bought a bar of Grandpa's Wonder Pine Tar Soap. Hard to describe the aroma - smoky, dark, rich, and clean. I brought the cardboard packaging, still loaded with pine tar scent, to the office with me to get a consensus on the odor (and to have a few laughs). The reaction was unanimous - they hated it. Trust me on this though, it's great. Earthy and rich.

The site boasts healing properties. I told my coworkers my grandmother cured her shingles with only one wash. They weren't buying it. The story, or the soap.



Jon Glassett said...

"Smell like a mountain!"

Her. said...

If this is made the way it was made 20 years ago, it actually helps to cure psoriasis. My husband used to use it when he was younger.

Rot said...


I think Satan is involved in the process. I'm unnaturally addicted to the scent.

Brandi McKenna said...

I have to say I love weird soaps, too..BUT I am ENTHRALLED with the new pic at the top of your blog! I would love to get a pair like that for our Halloween/daughter's b-day party!! Are you taking commissions?

Rot said...

Glad you like the pic : )

Currently I'm trying to find some suitable pumpkins for my fall lineup, but not having much luck. Hoping that Michael's loads up this weekend though.

I'll keep you posted.