Monday, October 12, 2009

Paper Bones

Photo by Bean.

Skeleton by


Unknown said...

Great pic & I am obsessed with the site!

Perfect fall day here in Pa..grey & chilly.

Go Phils!

John Rozum said...

You can't go wrong with that skeleton.

Walt Keegan said...

I'm going to scan in a pic of me in 1976 with almost this same exact skeleton in the background. I have a pic from 1978 with a scarecrow in the same spot (there was a wall in my living room where all my Halloween pictures were taken as a kid every year). I'll post the links soon.

Walt Keegan said...

An original retro-skeleton from 1976:

A scarecrow from 1977/78:

And because I know you are a fan on retro Halloween decorations, some strange witch blow-up decoration from 1977:

Rot said...

Those pics are GREAT!

Thanks so much for the links!

Jay's Shadow said...

We had one of those.... but he finally met his maker last year. (You can only put so much scotch tape on cardboard)