Monday, October 26, 2009

Pumpkin Massacre

So we got an invitation to a Halloween Celebration & Pumpkin Carving Party called The Pumpkin Massacre. And it was way up in New Hampshire. And we went.

The master of ceremonies was my good friend Jon. It's the sort of Halloween party that you wish for. A house loaded with decorations, horror movies playing non-stop on the television, and a spread of the most amazing food. Crockpots filled with meatballs, stews, and soup. The biggest tray of lasagna I've ever seen. And delicious pulled pork and lamb.

Hot spiced wine for ladeling and smooth pumpkin ales were among the beverages.

Then the guests started to arrive with their pumpkins. And their knives. A massive tent in the yard waited for us, with rows of tables sporting plastic pumpkins (for pumpkin guts). Gifts would be awarded for the best in each category: Funniest, Most Creative, Most Frightening, Best Traditional, Best Painted, Best Lovecraftian, and finally - the Best In Show.

We carved and laughed and listened to Halloween music filling the yard. As we finished carving, tea lights went into the completed Jack O'Lanterns, lights went off, and we left the darkened tent for the judging to commence. Jon and his wife selected the winners as we all waited in the house, musing about our orange works of art. We returned to a tent of flickering pumpkins, their toasted scent was everywhere. The winners were announced among laughter and applause. Happy to say that I took first place for Best Traditional pumpkin. Awesome.

The weekend before Halloween is usually spent writing and rewriting lists, reworking props, buying supplies, and panicking about being ready for the big day. I'm so glad I broke that tradition. Meeting Jon and his incredible wife and family was the official (and perfect) start of Halloween. I can't think of a better way to kick off this week of weeks. I feel charged, excited, and lucky.

And we better get invited next year.


amy said...

Sounds like amazing good holiday fun! glad it served to energize and recharge you. more picks?

All Together Dead said...

I absolutely LOVE that idea and the name of the event... what a fantastic celebration and kick of indeed!

Jay's Shadow said...

Sounds like it was a really good time and it got the spirit moving

Jon Glassett said...

It was so effing great meeting you guys. Thank you for taking the risk, traveling hours to a virtual stranger's house and helping to make this event the best it could be. What a kickoff, indeed.

RebelShade said...

Awesome party idea, Just imagine the pumpkin seeds :D YUM.

Vintage Seance said...

Now that's a party! I wish people in southern California were just as into Halloween!