Friday, November 20, 2009

Halloween Night 2009

Since the haunt was canceled on Halloween night this year, Bean and I took a drive towards rural Bucks County, PA in the rain. We walked along some quiet colonial streets and watched trick-or-treating from a trick-or-treater's point of view. A woman saw us walking and had just given out some candy to a father and daughter and smiled at us and asked "You want some? Want to come in?!" How cool...and generous. We graciously declined the offer, but now I'm kicking myself.

So the rain and wind came and we drove around some more and then decided to get something sweet to celebrate Halloween properly - pumpkin ice cream from a farm store right before it closed for the night. Then we drove up the road and stopped in an old lot, faced a lonely road, and ate our ice cream and listened to one of Bean's great Halloween mixes.

I snapped this photo.


Jon Glassett said...

That's a great story. What a great way to spend Halloween and I love that you found some nice people. I have to admit it would be hard for me to invite someone into my home quite literally off the street. It's a paranoid age.

Anonymous said...

sounds like a laid back halloween evening. It is pretty cool you two found someone who was being nice and generous that evening. Most would be afraid you were staking out their house to egg and t.p. it later on.
We drive through Bucks county once in a while, they have some nice quite areas.

Anonymous said...

Well done Rot... in two short paragraphs you managed to bring me into that scene of yours, and be able to see it clearly... you really write very well... and your photography skills aren't too shabby either ;)