Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Giants

I grew up with these guys. They were like weird uncles who visited on the weekends. Every Saturday - Creature Double Feature on Channel 48. The pre-VCR days. The days of Horror hosts and Monsters magazine.

Bean recently subscribed to Lunchmeat magazine and we've been talking a lot about the old days of horror and VHS. Back when you only had small video stores and had to get on waiting lists to watch a new release. Back when you couldn't afford the $80.00 for your favorite horror film, so you rented it over and over again. Back when you chose a horror film based on the cover art on the box. And you had to wait a year or more for a theatrical release to get the video treatment.
It was the polar opposite of instant gratification, and it was pretty cool.


The Gill-Man said...

I remember those days well! The vast majority of my education in horror films comes from those late-night local horror shows, usually hosted by someone in fantastically campy macabre dress. Such a shame that kids don't get this kind of exposure to these films today.

Anonymous said...

been a huge fan of Vincent, Peter, and Christopher for many years. i have worked on collecting every hammer and Vincent i can find, even the odd Cushing and Lee's that were not hammer. when Christopher Lee dies it will be an end to an era of great films that we will never see again.


ooo, whatta pic!! :)

Sean Covernton said...

That photo's from The House of Long Shadows isn't it?

Rot said...

Not exactly sure.
Plucked it from the link below it.

Jay's Shadow said...

I would love to have a painting of that hanging on my wall.

Spinwitch said...

I have always loved that picture--my title for it is "The Gentlemen of Horror."

They all had such class.