Monday, January 25, 2010

Now Playing: Plasterhead

Bean surprised me with a copy of this soundtrack a while back. I hear the film is somewhat of a disappointment, but the score by Jason Snell is really quite brilliant, and terrifying. It became the official soundtrack of my Bog Man scarecrow.

The entire album would make a very unnerving soundscape for a Halloween display.

Listen to some very dark samples here.


bean said...

The film isn't just a's unwatchable. I do hope Mr. Snell moves on to bigger and better (MUCH better) films. He deserves it.


What an amazing soundtrack; I just purchased it and am currently listening to it in my workshop. It is very reminiscent of "Dead End Ranch's Halloween at High Noon: Atmosphere". As always, thanks for the recommendation; keep them coming.
Stay True~

Jay's Shadow said...

Sounds like a very good mood guys always find the good stuff!

WORD VERIFICATION:trasho....a new name for a really bad movie?

Sara said...

I know you guys are probably into more indie horror, but did you see Paranormal Activity? Most of it was lame but there were two or three parts that really make it to the top of my "All-Time Best Horror Moments Ever"....ok, maybe they weren't that good, lol, but I liked the semi-fresh take on the film. Plasterhead I have never even heard of, but I will steer clear. :)

Rot said...

We usually watch all the big studio releases too (shamefully admitting to watching Rob Zombie's HALLOWEEN I and II), and we saw Paranormal Activity in the theater. Really enjoyed it too. The ending was crazy since they gave it away in the trailer and now I'm hearing that it wasn't even the original ending. So when the dvd commercials say "watch the ending too terrifying for theaters!" they're referring to the one the director wanted you to see...and not the one we saw in the theater. Lame, cause I hear the more subtle ending is the better one.

I loved the feeling of watching the video footage and staring into that dark hallway LOOKING for something horrible about to happen. The audience was great too. A lady screamed when the closet light turned on...then everyone laughed.


Sara said...

I can't even bring myself to watch the director's cut of the second ending. Based on what people are saying it seems to have not made the theater cut due to how graphic it sounds. Plus, it sounds really drawn out and long where as the ending we both saw is more short and sweet. I agree that subtle is better, at least in this film.

Sadly, I still pass on Rob Zombie's Halloween II. Everytime I try to rent it, I put it back on the shelf. Because who *really* wants to spend $4.99 on that?

Rot said...

At all costs, avoid Halloween II.

Beyond horrible. I hate to write that, but he earned it for his treatment of something I've worshipped for years and years.

Raven176 said...

should anyone be interested, Mr. Snell gives a lot of his stuff away free on his site.

check music library section.