Thursday, August 12, 2010

Photos And Links And Whatnot

When I asked Bean what she thought of the MONSTERS trailer, she asked "What trailer?" I replied "You didn't click on the image?"

So I figured I'd give a heads up: sometimes the photo is just a photo. Other times - it might just take you somewhere else if you click on it.

You have almost 4,000 posts to go back and check to see which ones I'm talking about.


Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

Really? That is going to take a while. :D


Pam Morris said...

I didn't click on it either...just watched it tho'...looks like a good 'un!

Mr. Chicken said...

I always enjoy discovering the secret links on your blog

Sara said...

Oh, I am horrible at assuming your posts don't linclude links. I always feel so lame when I ask a question in a "post a comment" and then realize ten seconds later you already a)answered it or b)had a link answering it. D'OH.

Also, I meant to compliment your new blog title page(?)picture. Good old Michael Meyers! :)He gives me the "Halloween is just around the corner" warm fuzzies!

Rot said...

Yup. I love that mask.
I've gone through three Myers masks over the years. That one is the finest and gets the most reactions from parents and trick or treaters.

Sara said...

I had a Michael Myers mask once. Spent a pretty penny on it. Then it melted. :( I'm sure you treat yours better than I did! lol It does look very accurate.