Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Army Of Ghosts

A track from the latest (and awesome) Halloween at High Noon release, Way of the Wicked.

Click below:


Rot said...

and you'd be surprised how hard it is to find a photo of an Army of Ghosts.

so this photo might seem self-serving : )

Terrormaster said...

Rot, I've been absolutely enamoured with that prop for a while. He has been one of the many inspirations that has gone into The Watchman of Dol Vholar (http://goo.gl/3oGTqR), still a WiP.

Any plans on ever following through with a ghost knight theme one year or was he a one off?

bean said...

Such a great song.

Rot said...

I'm not sure. The symmetry of the prop was very daunting.

If I win that big lottery, the answer is 'yes.'..a Ghost Army Theme for sure.

LOVE your prop, man.
And the name.

Terrormaster said...

Ahhh symmetry. I can see where you're coming from there. I struggled a lot with the armor and the hood trying to get a balance on both sides. Oh the hood, what a challenge that was - at least its removable (made painting the inside easier). I struggle with things that aren't organic in nature.

I'm really trying to build up the mythology of Faegoria and the ancient bone yard known as Dol Vholar is part of that. I do a lot of tinkering around with RPG Maker for the PC and one day I'll get around to creating a dark fantasy RPG in the Faegoria setting - one day.