Monday, September 9, 2013

Lancaster, PA

We took a road trip to Lancaster on Saturday to visit the Primitives by Kathy showroom again and to hit up some stores in the area.

Took a load of photos.

Welcoming Committee.

Awesome to see my Witch Head given a body in the store display.

Thrilled to see empty shelves and dwindling pumpkins.

A local store.

Seriously.  What's better than Halloween colors?

At a roadside antique/primitives store.

Witch Army


Anonymous said...

And you guys didn't come and visit me........SHAME.

I want to go into that store sometime, but keep forgetting about it. Someday.

Willow Cove said...

Wish we had more stores down here like those.

girl6 said...

that's a Warehouse packed with Wonderful!!!. :):):)

visiting your kids over the weekend, huh..<33333333.. : D

hey, are those jacks small?
i'm kinda confused by the scale of the pic.

Rot said...

Some are small like grapefruits...others are large like [a fruit much larger than a grapefruit].
Some are small like a small plum.

Which one in particular since I'm all about the fruit comparisons today?

girl6 said...

hahahahahaha!!!.. :)
Thank You, Oh Mighty Green Grocer!

i've been on KP's site & i thought All the jacks were on the smallish side & when i saw this pic, i was confused.

what size do you think looks best in person?

Rot said...

I think the large ones are the best...just big meaty pumpkins...but the prices are very high for my i'm feel bad saying...THOUGH, the small traditional guy looks GREAT and we have a few around the house.

Autumnleaf said...

That first pic! Pumpkin patch in foreground with corn growing behind = Heaven! What a thrill it must be to see all your work ready to be shipped out to happy homes...and I too love seeing the witch head with a body.

Those orange and black bird houses..Wowza! Now there's a project...haunted bird houses!!

Shani said...

Love those pumpkins!!!

Adam said...

i have no logical reason why i haven't bought one yet

Ragged Grin said...

I was looking at the site, I really like the Pumpkin Reaper