Sunday, September 28, 2014

Weekend Farming

Stopped at Solly Farm for their recommended apple cider slushies and to poke around their field of pumpkins.  Annoyingly hot and way too sunny for that kind of thing, but we had a lot of fun.

Found this rotted guy at the edge of the field so I figured I'd give him a face and make him a happy greeter for everyone entering the patch. 

Click below for some photos Bean snapped.


girl6 said...

sucha Perfect weekend!!!. :)

i AGREE, wayyyyy toooo hot tho.
kinda bummin me out & puttin a damper on things. :(

girl6 said...

it's like you graffitied,
But organically so.. : D..<3

Jay's Shadow said...

How cool is that. You could of put a little sign there "Pumpkin King was here".

Autumnleaf said...

Rot, you softy! Love the vines he's nestled in too. Bean, that first pumpkin photo needs publishing.....anywhere! Beautiful

Lauren Frutiger said...

how hot is hot? just curious:)

Rot said...

only 83!
i bet you're someplace where it's 102?

Sean Blanck said...

So just curious but what is your budget for jackolanterns?

Rot said...

we put money aside for it every year.
we try to buy more than a dozen for the big night.
never really added it up. Probably deliberately.

We make three or four runs for pumpkins. Usually from a few places. Local supermarkets have great ones. And then Shady Brook Farm has some amazing massive ones with great stems.

Hallowaltz said...

Ah Solly's.. we gots to get out there soon. Last year they had an american history of scarecrows.. Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, Thomas Jefferson, Roosevelt etc. Some weird and funny looking scarecrows fo sho.. made for good pictures though.

Did you enjoy those slushies? They used to come with a big fat straw. Gotta hit up Tanner Bros for some pumpkin pie ice cream too!

Hallowaltz said...

Oh and I'll keep an eye out for your carve job on that one guy.. unless some lazy ass person ends up buying him. :)

Rot said...

When we passed Solly's I pretty much shouted "THAT'S WHERE THOSE SLUSHIES ARE AT!"

Wouldn't have even thought about it had you not left that comment before. So Thanks!

Rot said...

And that jacko in the dirt is the first pumpkin at the edge of the field closest the road where people walk to get to the you can't miss him.