Saturday, October 25, 2014

Halloween Parade

Here's another school in our area that's not afraid to use the H word.

 Photos by Bean.


Anonymous said...

Wow. I know schools in my township don't use the "H" word.

Unknown said...

My daughter's school is having an "autumn celebration." What the hell is that? LOL

Rural Scarecrow. said...

Wow, really? I live in IL. and everything is still Halloween - Thank goodness. I feel really thankful after reading this.

Wheaterz said...

Down here in Balto. County, Md... it wouldn't work - considering you might offend the different religions.
But mainly, the administrators have to take direction and pass it on down to the schools. Kinda' like when Charlie Brown trying to direct the big play. Political correctness at it's best!
HURRAY FOR HALLOWEEN. Love your blog man!

Lady M said...

Yup - can't use the H word or you might be worshipping Satan