Monday, February 2, 2015

Night Visitor

During the night, I woke up to hear a voice calling my name. I opened my eyes, and saw a figure lying on the floor next to the bed. At first I thought it was one of the girls in my group, but quickly noticed how long the person was. 

Text source.
Photo by Bean.


Jay's Shadow said...

O.K. I KNOW that if I was lying in bed and woke to hearing a voice calling my name and then looking on the floor and seeing a non human form lying on the floor, I WOULD not roll to my side and fall back to sleep.

At that age, I would be traumatized for the rest of my life.

Bean's pic gives me the creeps.....

The Gill-Man said...

It's odd how stories about the Gray aliens can be as creepy and chilling as any ghost encounter. They just seem to be up to no good!

Adam said...

No no no no no!