Friday, July 17, 2015

The First Of The Halloweening

We hit up some stores looking for Halloween merchandise and found a bunch at Joanne's and A.C. Moore.  Not happy about the glitter phase that doesn't seem to want to leave, but it was cool seeing so much Halloween so early in the year.

Click below for a bunch of pics over at Bean's blog:


Memnet said...

Oh hell, I was hoping that whole glitter thing was passing away. :(

Rot said...

Yeah. i just don't get it.
There was a witch broom that looked really cool, but it was completely dipped in and coated with glitter.
Someone must be buying it.

Mark Faucett said...

Embrace the glitter! Come to the sparkly side! ... Or not.

K.O. said...

Yaaaaaaayyyy! Very happy to hear this (glitter notwithstanding). Thank you, Rot and Bean! I think I'll go out on a pilgrimage today!

Ragged Grin said...

Have to check Michael's this week for their small foam skulls, built them up with paper clay to make the little fairies last year.