Thursday, October 1, 2015

Happy October

Here's an appropriate track by Harold Budd.
Image by Bean.


Jay's Shadow said...


Let's hope for no October snow storm.

Rot said...

It's starting off with a bang...a potential hurricane headed right for us.
Just get it ALLLLL out of the way, Mother Nature.

Jay's Shadow said...

Agreed. Had a small tornado close to where I live. So glad it didn't come any closer or hit me.

girl6 said...

did yall run toward each other
thru the sea of leaves
declaring your love to Fall & each otherrrrrr!?.
ya shoulda..<3

it's not so much mother nature, it's her kids, they bicker bout everything, can't agree upon a thing. here's hopin tho!!.

Rot said...

: D
I believe we DID.

girl6 said...


The Creeping Cruds said...

*WISHING* we get trees looking like that this year.
Not likely to happen as everything is brown from a scorching summer this year..

Frankenrock said...

Happy October y'all! Get it on!