Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Dia De Los Muertos

Mexican Day of the Dead Skull...I love ebay.

Beautiful photo by Bean.


Willow Cove said...

What a great Day of the Dead Ghost! And awesome pic, Bean!

Anonymous said...

Awesome. And yes Bean is cool, taking cool pics.

Funny, I have been on eBay searching for my next animal skull. I would love to get a cow/bull skull, but I would need to rob a bank first.
If anyone is interested, I am taking donations........

Pumpkin5 said...

Really cool picture, I love the skull.

Hey Jay Shadow, have you searched on Craig's List? I don't think they are that pricey on there. Maybe you could do a barter thing and trade something for one?

girl6 said...

Ebay seels magic. you can usually find whatever your heart desires from A-Z it's fun to just browse on there too..especially thru ALL the vintage Halloween.

i sold a Haitian mask on there one time & i didn't realize who i sold it to..until the dude contacted me. it was Jonathan Demme!!! HAHAHAHA!!! i got to tell him what Clarice Starling meant to me. he was SO Sweet. i STILL can't believe it. sadly..he passed away in 3017. : (

dulce árbol catrina.<3

Autumnleaf said...

Another EXquisite Bean photo....and hopeful installment in the Rot/Bean someday published book of Halloween Art. Just sayin'. Some day.