Sunday, August 19, 2018

Englund Pitching Freddy

"If I had an Eli Roth budget I would have cast different actors to play Freddy for every potential victim,” Englund said. “Because Freddy is only alive in the imagination of his future victim. They would talk about it at a slumber party or in a locker room at school, or on the bus going home. All we know about this Fred Krueger is he wears a hat, wears a red and green striped sweater and has a clawed hand. That’s the specifics. So it could be a red and green cardigan for one Freddy. It could be an old tattered baseball cap for another Freddy. Freddy could be tall, he could be short, he could be overweight, he could be muscular. Every one of the victims could have a different Freddy they imagined. And you could haunt them with that Freddy.”

“And then at the end, it would be the ultimate victim and we see Freddy peel [his face] open and maybe it’s yours truly revealed. And it’s the essence of Freddy.”

I think I love Robert Englund.
And I definitely LOVE this concept for bringing Freddy back.

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Joseph-Rob Cobasky: Specimen

It was one of those things they keep in a jar in the tent of a sideshow on the outskirts of a little, drowsy town. One of those pale things drifting in alcohol plasma, forever dreaming and circling, with its peeled, dead eyes staring at you and never seeing you.

Ray Bradbury, The Jar

Man, this guy just never stops with the insane and amazingly cool designs and concepts...

Saturday, August 18, 2018

More Joseph-Rob Cobasky

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Halloweekend USA

Saw this on Instagram and it instantly chapped my posterior.  The proposition is to OFFICIALLY/NATIONALLY move Halloween to the last Saturday in October via petitions and awareness.

Probably will never happen, but nowadays, who knows?  And a quick internet search revealed that this has been a years-long debate with more articles supporting the move than opposing it.

Imagine altering an ancient holiday's calendar date because you find it inconvenient for your fun.  Imagine claiming to love a holiday, and then wanting to change it to serve you.

Though there's something appealing about setting up my Haunt on October 31st for a handful of hardcore trick-or-treaters and their parents who reject this crazy notion.  And then turning the porch light off on that last Saturday in October.

Here's the site:

Thursday, August 16, 2018

I Can't Wait For This

I might just be looking more forward to this score than the actual film.
Can't believe there will be a new HALLOWEEN soundtrack.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Trailer: The Bray Road Beast

Looking extremely forward to the next documentary from Small Town Monsters.

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Monday, August 13, 2018

Soy N Suds: Anise & Clove

First push of the Season...  My favorite Etsy shop is stocked with my personal favorite scent - Anise & Clove (alternate name:  H A L L O W E E N).  We've been burning these all year long, and it's been helping keep that Halloween feeling around during the awful Summer months of heat and humidity.

And this year she has added a new product:  Anise Lip Balm
Halloween flavored smooches after I buy a couple for me and Bean.

The shop owner wanted me to mention her discount codes on all orders (and she named one after me! ha):

Coupon Code ROT20 will save 20% on orders $20 and up.

Coupon Code REPEAT15 saves 15% on any size order.

1) When you are finished shopping, you will be on the ETSY check out page.

2) On the right, you will see where you check for a credit card or PayPal.
✔ the payment plan you want to use.

3) DIRECTLY UNDER PAYPAL (still in ETSY) you will see "apply shop coupon code" Click on that.

4) Type the coupon code and hit "apply". Your invoice will be adjusted BEFORE you pay.

5) If you have a problem, please let me know BEFORE ordering.

Click below for the shop!

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Dr. Dingledong

Had a weird Halloween memory pop into my head.
Back when I was in something like seventh grade, and I guess approaching one of the last years a kid goes trick-or-treating, a bunch of us decided to go out as a pack.  We figured we'd meet up at my house, so a small horde of us quickly formed and my parents insisted on a group photo.  I previously mentioned that my costumes back in those days were LITERALLY last-minute.

I was Trash Bag.  A stupid trash bag....just some holes for my legs, arms, and head.  Really dumb.  One of the guys was dressed as a girl.  Pretty funny and an impressive makeup job.  The odd thing about this guy was that he had almost no sense of humor and a very short fuse.  So any comment or funny goof from any of us about his costume was met with instant anger and short-tempered shouts like "GETOFF!"

Which brings me to Dr. Dingledong.

One of the kids showed up wearing a curly wig, rainbow suspenders, and some bright clothing.  This guy was pretty funny every other day of the year, so this was quite the scream seeing him like this.  And imagine Robin Williams if he were really short and kinda stocky, and had a voice that sounded like he was a chain smoker.  And then imagine this being in the form of a ten or eleven year old kid.

So we're all getting ready for this stupid group photo and my dad asks this short kid what he's supposed to be.  In his scratchy almost-Wolfman-Jack kinda voice, he blurts "DOCTOR DINGLEDONG!"  Man, we all howled.  And it turns out that Dr. Dingledong had a thing for pretty girls.  So he plopped down next to the kid dressed as an [angry] girl and his hand slowly started to creep towards her [angry] knee.

We're all frozen for the photo and the Girl shouts "COME ON! DON'T TOUCH ME! GET OFF!!!" and stands up after shoving the kid.  Dr. Dingledong apologizes and we all form again for the group photo.  Dr. Dingledong slowly turns to his right to face the Girl.  And then slowly starts to lean in... lips puckered.  Another fit of anger and shoving and shouting.  With the rest of us howling.

I have no idea if a photo was ever snapped, but one of these days I'm going to get the old photo album from my parents' house and find that photo if it exists.

Here's to Dr. Dingledong.

Image source.

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Wednesday, August 8, 2018


Looking SO forward to this.  It was featured a while back on Ghost Adventures and it was one of the more truly creepy episodes.  Can't WAIT.

Now Playing: The Endless

Amazing score to an INCREDIBLE film we rented last night.

Art Nouveau Halloween

From Kara Walker Designs.

Foam:  My nemesis.  I am always in awe of people who work so well with foam.  But aren't you constantly living in fear of something snapping off?  Or some kid kicking a tombstone and it flying apart?  Is there some way to make it firm and somewhat durable?

Monday, August 6, 2018

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Now Playing: Breath Kissing Matter's Mouth

From Tangerine Dream's Edgar Allan Poe's The Island of the Fay.

Zacatecas Landscape With Hanged Men I

By Francisco Goitia.

Michaels Halloween 2018

We were really happy with this year's offerings from Michaels.  I'd say 80% of their stuff is out already, and it had a nice feel to it.  Not much glitter and there seemed to be more classic designs in the mix this year than previous years.  Hopefully this is a sign of the Halloween shopping season to come...

Bean snapped a bunch of great pics.

Saturday, August 4, 2018