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Flying Humanoids

And now we've had, as of the second week of August, 29 sightings of flying humanoids in Chicago. Mostly they've been observed hovering in the air, but one took a dramatic leap off the Sears Tower, and two more performed aerial maneuvers above the Adler Planetarium. ("They flew figure eights around each other," a witness recounted. "It looked like they were dancing in a strange sort of way. It was actually quite beautiful, considering how freaking strange it was.") One of the sightings was reported by a police officer and confirmed by a self-described aspiring journalist, both of whom saw a tall, thin figure jump off an apartment building in Auburn Gresham and fly away.

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Catacomb Cloth Wall

"The Catacomb Skull Wall Cloth is for the serious halloween decorator. Measuring a huge 132 x 195cm this fantastic Wall Curtain features 42 vacuum-formed plastic skulls (14 x 3 styles). The Skulls attach with Velcro into pre-cut holes in the fabric. If you are looking for a scary halloween horror prop decoration with real 'WOW' facture, then you need look no further."

This seems to be unavailable in the States, but I think this would be very interesting to use in a Haunt.  Great designs on the skulls too.  It'd be fun to re-paint the skulls and add a little mache.

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For All Your Wine Needs

Free: HalloweeN Returns

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Begging For Candy

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Some great stuff at the link below...all things Halloween.

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By Scott Daniel Ellison.

Darkrose Manor: Inferno

... he had three faces: one in front bloodred;
and then another two that, just above
the midpoint of each shoulder, joined the first;
and at the crown, all three were reattached;
the right looked somewhat yellow, somewhat white;
the left in its appearance was like those
who come from where the Nile, descending, flows.

Dante Alighieri

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Mr. Plinkett's Review

Of a dreadful film...

Halloween Night Pumpkin Hunting

Garden Ghost

Over the water an old ghost strode
To a churchyard on the shore,
And over him the waters had flowed
A thousand years or more,
And pale and wan and weary
Looked never a sprite as he;
For it's lonely and it's dreary
The ghost of a body to be
That has mouldered away in the sea.

Over the billows the old ghost stepped,
And the winds in mockery sung;
For the bodiless ghost would fain have wept
Over the maiden that lay so young
'Mong the thistles and toadstools so hoary;
And he begged of the waves a tear,
But they shook upwards their moonlight glory,
And the shark looked on with a sneer
At his yearning desire and agony.

Thomas Lovell Beddoes

The Southwalk Cemetery

Click the link below the photos to see years and years of some really wonderful Haunt photos.

Click here for more images by Claudio.

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Anise & Clove

The best Halloween scent out there is now available at the SoyNSuds Etsy shop.
I'd be miserable if these weren't stuffed into every jack o'lantern on our porch each year...  miserable I say.

Click the pumpkins below....(and there's more than just candles):


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Pumpkins And Witch Heads

Back in stock at Primitives by Kathy...keep in mind they all go on a half-off sale come October, but they tend to sell out before then... so it's risky business.