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The good ol' days.

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Now Watching: 2010

Such a great film.
Rarely mentioned though.

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Album Designs

Love these...

More at Light in the Attic Records.

Now Playing: The Southern Sea

By Garth Stevenson.

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The Blithe Asylum Massacre

A wonderfully dark theme for a Haunt by Nightmare Dominion. 
The terrifying notion of an insane asylum - overrun...

More images here.

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Trailer: HELLIER

I pray this is real and not a faux documentary.  PRAY.

Finally: Fright Night On Blu-Ray

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Feast Of The Three Kings

Image by Theo.


A screenshot from the footage Theo shot on Halloween night showing the way the Angel's branch/twig wings looked up close...

Bronze Jack O'Lantern By Theo

I've been meaning to post about this since Halloween.

When my good friend and fellow Haunter Theo visited in October, he brought with him a gift.  A one-of-a-kind gift.  A hand-made gift.  A bronze Jack O'Lantern, with a signature House of Marrow carved face.

I recall being in love with it instantly due to the wonderful face and the lumpy skin, but it took a few minutes for it to register that someone had actually made a bronze Halloween pumpkin.  A heavy bronze pumpkin...and traveled from New Zealand to the United States with it.

It now lives on our coffee table.  A year-long decoration.  With a Clove & Anise candle inside.

If you're interested in the lost wax process of casting something in bronze, click HERE.  The work involved is utterly amazing to me.

And the gift will always be treasured (and that's putting it mildly).

Thanks, bud!


By Adam Bryant.

Click below for a really neat instagram...

Brutal Rust

Specializing in rusted, corroded and water damaged faux finishes. 

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The Last Night Of The World

"I dreamed that it was all going to be over, and a voice said it was; not any kind of voice I can remember, but a voice anyway, and it said things would stop here on Earth. I didn’t think too much about it the next day, but then I went to the office and caught Stan Willis looking out the window in the middle of the afternoon, and I said a penny for your thoughts, Stan, and he said, I had a dream last night, and before he even told me the dream I knew what it was. I could have told him, but he told me and I listened to him." 

"It was the same dream?" 

"The same. I told Stan I had dreamed it too. He didn’t seem surprised. He relaxed, in fact. Then we started walking through the office, for the hell of it. It wasn’t planned. We didn’t say, ‘Let’s walk around.’ We just walked on our own, and everywhere we saw people looking at their desks or their hands or out windows. I talked to a few. So did Stan." 

"And they all had dreamed?" 

"All of them. The same dream, with no difference." 

"Do you believe in it?" 

"Yes. I’ve never been more certain." 

"And when will it stop? The world, I mean." 

"Sometime during the night for us, and then as the night goes on around the world, that’ll go too. It’ll take twenty-four hours for it all to go." 

-Ray Bradbury

Farewell 2018

The Haunting Of Bell Hall

Click below for a fantastic Haunt video... really incredible work:

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Nite Owl Series: RESOLUTION

"High Noon Records presents its first compilation mix - this one, for your NYE celebrations. Here's to 2019."

I'd move into a bar that played this kind of music...

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Happy Haunts

This is really great, with some really amazing projection work in this Haunt.

Click here for a wonderful video.

And here for the main site.

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