Monday, March 24, 2008

The Blue Witch

I absolutely LOVE this photo.
The witch's reflection in the window is pure gold.

The blog where I found this great pic.


Alex said...

Just Saw your link to the witch photo. In case you wanted to know more about goes: My Grandfather (who was a pilot in WW2) originally made her for his yard-she was designed to be very light and to sore on a broomstick. She also sported a big United Airlines Logo: We Love to Fly and It Shows. Her fingers are recycled electrical wire (wrapped in coating)- this enables them to curl around broom stick or chair arms.
I gave her a skeleton of wood, so that she could sit on the chair of our front porch...her face is a simple Halloween mask- and her new cloths are from the local thrift store.
People in the neighborhood, especially kids, loved her!

Rot said...

Thanks so much for that information. Fantastic that your grandfather made her and you now carry the torch.

The photo is amazing.