Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Dry Ice

I used dry ice one Halloween night back in the 90's. Multiple containers of water were hidden in the bushes and a friend of mine would tend to them, making sure the water was warm while plopping in chunks of the ice throughout the night. It looked amazing and so much better than chilled fog, but it wouldn't last very long and required a lot of attention.

These photos were taken from a video of that night.

Found this site for the Dry Ice & Gases Company in Toronto and thought it was cool that they recognized the Halloween use for solid carbon dioxide.

Dry Ice & Gases Company


Cayenne said...

I haven't used dry ice yet, but I heard part of the maintenance problem was keeping the water temperature on the warmer side of things. It made me wonder if using an aquarium heater would solve that problem.

Just a pondering, in case you want to try it next year and post envy-inspiring photos for me to ogle. ;)