Monday, April 7, 2008


Aside from having the coolest name, SkullandBone's Kreep is an angry, vile, pumpkin-headed creature that looks quite alive. Almost as if it has just spotted someone it intends to harm...or kill....or eat (or all of the above in that order).

Was looking at their site tonight and wanted to slap up an entry on The Kreep.
Such an original Halloween creation. It's truly a classic.

2 comments: said...

dude, this scarecrow is awesome. i love the tendrils and "roots" dropping down from the mouth.

Rob said...

You sir are a prince for even mentioning the Kreep. I can hardly take even a portion of the credit for the idea. I would say the Kreep is just an evolution of the many prop builders before me.. Specifically noted are the Rot mache' stylings that inspired everyone to push the boundaries of prop building.

All the best,
Rob aka SkullAndBone