Sunday, June 29, 2008

All Hallow's Eve

The greatest birthday gift EVER - an original work by Mike Egan.
All Hallow's Eve

Never owned an original painting before, so this is a really big deal.


Jon said...

Because of your site this image ended up as the background on my phone. What a great gift! Congratulations and Happy Birthday!

Johnny said...

Happy Birthday!

deleted said...

Happy birthday! Here's your cake (wrong name but still cool):


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!

Now that is an awesome gift. Either marry the giver or otherwise enter into some blood pact with him/her, because there's somebody who gets you. :)

girl6 said...

wOw..i LOVE it dude!!.'s sooo Sweet & i LOVE the little day of the dead splash too.

Ohhh & i dig the height at which you guys chose to hang it too!..PERFECT

& when Exactly is your sir?..