Monday, March 16, 2009

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I'm a huge fan of film scores. Orchestral powerhouse scores by composers like James Horner and Jerry Goldsmith eventually led me to explore film music by other composers. That's where I discovered my love for electronic scores. John Carpenter and Alan Howarth proved that music in a film didn't have to be performed by a massive 90 piece orchestra. That's particularly the case with horror films. With the occasional exception (THE RING being one of them), I'd say that a horror film benefits more from an electronic score than an all-out symphonic one. In my opinion, a score which is mostly electronic [with some subtle piano and strings] is the best way to enhance a horror film. A subdued score adds believability, loss, and desolation. Jeff Grace's (and Anton Sanko's) THE LAST WINTER comes to mind.

I checked out a favorite blog of mine and discovered that the author happens to be a musician, and a composer. I listened to a music sample he posted - a bunch of times. It's truly fantastic. The music has a quality to it that I have found in all of the composers' works that I've collected.

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jay's shadow said...

i am a VERY big fan of music of all kinds.(and yes, i even like some rap and country, but not too much) music sets the mood for whatever it is composed for and it also sets you in the right mood for what you are about to do. either to relax your soul and mind or to fire you up, there is something out there for you said...

I'd buy an album of that music. I loved that track.

bean said...

I second that crudedoodle. I want MORE.

Jon said...


Thank you so much. I don't know what to say beyond that.

I'm just very, very grateful.