Monday, August 3, 2009


All of them had open mouths. Theirs was a perpetual screaming. They were dead and they knew it. In every raw fiber and evaporated organ they knew it. She stood listening to them scream. They say dogs hear sounds humans never hear, sounds so many decibels higher than normal hearing that they seem nonexistent. The corridor swarmed with screams. Screams poured from terror-yawned lips and dry tongues, screams you couldn't hear because they were so high.

The Next In Line, Ray Bradbury

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Richard said...

Great quote to go with my photograph! Glad you like the pic.

Rot said...

LOVE your photography. : )

Richard said...

Thanks, I appreciate it. Love your blog too! :)

NecroBones said...

He means frequency, kilohertz, something along those lines. "Decibels" is incorrect.

Yeah, I'm being anal. :)

Rot said...

: D