Sunday, December 6, 2009

In The Flesh

From the Tim Burton exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. A friend of mine sent me some photos, including this incredible one below.

Photo-taking wasn't exactly permitted, so I'll let him post a comment to identify himself if he wants to (I've been known to snap photos at art galleries and museums - I personally think it'll lead to more traffic, because I had no idea the SLEEPY HOLLOW scarecrow was at this event).

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woofboy111 said...

I'm going to be up in NYC for a few days over Christmas. This is a definite stop!

Grim said...

I had wondered if that still existed, or if they just scrapped it after the movie. It's nice to know it's still around and there's a chance I might be able to see it sometime.

NoahFentz said...

I confess. BUT it wasn't me it was my daughter. I only blocked the view of security while she snapped away.

Its quite an exhibit. Many rooms and corridors packed with truckloads of his drawings, writings and studio props. We went the day after Thankgiving which was probably the worst day to go. It was so crowded.

Its definitely a show that should not be missed!!

The Gill-Man said...

Yeah, the Sleepy Hollow scarecrow is one of my favorites, and a partial basis for the scarecrow I'm working on for 2010. Knowing this is part of an exhibit would definitely get me to go if it came to my neck of the woods!

K.O. said...

As a Burton fan, I was already excited to see this exhibit at the MOMA, but now I'm completely psyched!! I didn't know there would be an actual prop from Sleepy Hollow there!!!! I love that movie and watch it every October. Awesome!

SaraHaase said...

I am SOOOOOO sad it's all the way out in New York. Think they'd move something like this out to LA after its run?

Also, years back I was at Universal Studios Hollywood - I saw this in a room full of props, on stage where this performer/host guy put on a show. I'm glad it's on proper display now.

Mr. Chicken said...

I had the opportunity to go through this exhibit today. It's very interesting to see up close how this and other props are constructed. The scarecrow appears to be made out of real (but painted) branches (at least for all the visible structure), that craft raffia for the straw, and some sort of black woven plastic fabric for the clothes. The fabric seems to have been spray painted several different shades of greens and browns.

I also really enjoyed seeing the Headless Horseman cape, Nightmare Before Christmas puppets, and the scores of original drawings dating back to Burton's childhood.

If you get a chance to go to the MoMA, definitely do it. It's well worth it!