Monday, January 4, 2010

Halloween Spread

This would be a really incredible setup for a Halloween party.

Image source.


Pam Morris said...

very gorgeous--gotta have the right kind of weather, tho' (unlike this year), yeah?

Johnny Love said...

This is spectacular! Definitely right up my alley.

Hey Rot, when are you going to start tweeting? ;-)

Rot said...

: D

Not sure if I'm the tweeting type.

screaminscott said...

Looks really cool.. I would love to do this for a Halloween party.

But then I don't have enough friends to invite for a Halloween party!

All Together Dead said...

This is exactly the idea that I have been toying with for our "Mad Hatter's" event this year.... thanks for the photo inspiration.

The Frog Queen said...


I do that in my willow tree (and in my garden) for my Ostara party. (tried for Halloween once, too windy in my area.) :(

Only downside...takes about 30 minutes+ to get on a ladder and hang and light that many candles (I use oversized tealights, they last longer).....I cannot bear to bring myself to use those battery operated tea lights....just not the same feeling. :)