Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Every year, a couple of days before Halloween when the pumpkins have been purchased and are itching to get sliced, I convince myself that I'm going to carve their faces as though a demented witch got to them. As though she was mocking our traditional customs. I've had years of this mental discussion. And it never really happened. This year was the year we came closest. After carving the pumpkins, we took a screwdriver to the eyes, noses, and mouths... chiseling the edges to create a rough disturbed appearance. I loved the result, but I still feel it didn't quite get there.

Back in 2007, I carved the pumpkins a week before Halloween to let them mold up and get a little rotten. It was gross moving them and re-stocking their candles, but it looked great.

Maybe a combination of carving, chiseling, and rotting would work. I wish I knew an aggravated misanthropic witch with sharp fingers.


Otaku said...

Your pumpkins have always been inspiring. Like you, I always seem to be unhappy with the "clean cut" look, and was wondering how to rough up the edges a bit. The screwdriver method sounds good - I'll be trying that this year. This one is a favorite:


Pam Morris said...

yep, that sounds good! of course, when it comes to pumpkins, who would be able to come up with a better idea? thanks for the tip...