Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Mystic Ways

Blogging from work stinks, so I can't provide an image, but wanted to share that Mystic Ways is closing its doors and is having a liquidation sale.  Supplies are going fast.

Their incense sticks are the best around and we've used their Clove and Dirt and Anise scents for years.

This is very lame indeed.


girl6 said...

a whole lotta Cool here.
i'll be back to snatch.

Always makes me sad tho, to see
a business go out. :(

Rot said...

Same here. VERY sad.
Can't believe they're closing.
I've used incense for years and years and these are the truest scents around. Clove is clove, with none of that "hippie-shop" side note odor...just pure dark clove.

girl6 said...

dude...i TOTALLY hear you about the "hippie shop" side note odor. oh godddddd, i Hate that crap. i guess, that's why we hardly ever buy incense, Can't find the GOOD Stuff..
i am Definitely gonna grab some clove...Thanks man!!.