Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Rue Morgue Update

Coolio.  They updated the "Current Issue" page and it mentions my interview in the Fright Gallery.



Grim said...

My Barnes & Noble is slacking. I stopped by today to check it out, and they still have the September issues on the stand. :(

Congratulations on that, by the way. That's awesome!

Rot said...

Thanks. Ours is always late too.
And the interview is short...and he screwed up a key part, which I just don't get since it was an email interview. I told him how the director of Mr Jones was referred to me by the Stan Winston Effects School's facebook page...but the article says that I was the guy who recommended that the director contact me. Stupid.
No excuse for that kind of mistake.

Which is probably why I don't do interviews.

girl6 said...


Forgive me Please, i ONLY Laugh, because i have this image of you sounding like ButtHead when you said, "Stupid"..which is Perfect!!
(you're GOOD dude, Honestly, you Always crack me up, Even when you're bummin)

Dagggg..yeah, that is the WURST...i swear, people Don't listen, Read things correctly, or Remember anything.. :(
geezzz, how can a dude like that have a job as an interviewer?..M'Effers.. :(

yeah, we went to buy a copy of Rue Morgue last night too at the B&N...No Luck tho, ONLY Septembers issue still hanging around.

All the way around.

Rot said...

: )

Sara said...

The guy probably did it on purpose, right? To avoid having to use the Stan Winston FB page in the interview?

For whatever reason, that sucks.

Rot said...

I don't think so, since he mentions their facebook page by name...but instead of saying that THEY replied with "PUMPKINROT" the article states that I posted the word PUMPKINROT and got the gig that way. Like I hang out on those FB pages waiting for directors looking for scarecrow-makers.

Weird. And, I repeat, STUPID.