Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Quest

A wise man once said that sometimes the quest is way more important than the treasure.  But only when the treasure is pink cereal and not treasure.  I believe Bigfoot can be swapped with 'pink cereal.'  Apparently some video surfaced with definitive proof of Sasquatch.  The footage looks like the usual stuff, but the Bigfoot Community is all over this scat, calling the presenter a liar, a fake, and a fraud (this was actually shouted at me years ago in the middle of an office [story for another time]).

This reminded me of a few years back when some guys said they had a Bigfoot corpse in an ice chest.  Turned out to be a costume stuffed with pig guts.  But some Squatcher was ranting on a Bigfoot site that he needed this to be a lie, a fake, and a fraud.  He didn't want to have the answer to the Sasquatch question.  I think he needed the quest to be never-ending.

And I get that scat.

Click the face for more information on this breaking story:
A screen capture allegedly grabbed from the infamous "Matilda" footage claims to show Bigfoot's face

And here for some more info...and a Chewbacca mask comparison.

Note:  Two-time limit to scat jokes.


Jay's Shadow said...

I think the mystery has been solved. It is obviously Chewbacca.
Hans Solo got tired of smelling his hairy butt and got tired of giving him baths, so he just dropped him off on Earth.

Rot said...

Well considering that I'd just as soon kiss a Wookie, I'm really excited about this news.

Sara said...

This whole post/ article made my husband and I laugh a lot!:) thanks for posting! Brought back good memories from the 90's. I always hoped they'd find Nessie....Keep us posted.

Oh and I totally remember the ice chest squatch. That was pretty rad.

Willow Cove said...

Awwww, a sleeping squatch. I would've pulled a Bam Margera and start slapping and punching it. While filming, of course. Now that would be a million dollar video!

Grim said...

Somebody sent me this today about a Pennsylvania Sasquatch, thought you might like it if you haven't seen it yet.

Jay's Shadow said...

The Squatch story is one of those stories that I would like to believe. And after seeing many videos, I'm not convinced. I just need to see a Squatch with my own eyes.
Just like ghosts. I saw many videos and pictures, but wasn't convinced. I needed to see it in person. And I did when I was young. And I have never forgotten it.

girl6 said...

i <3333 Mulder & i Wanna Believe!.. : D