Saturday, January 9, 2016

Mondo's Star Trek II Score

The tipping point...the thing that'll make us actually get a turntable (do people still call them that?):


highbury said...

Get a turntable now!! Vinyl is cool again!! That is a gorgeous release - another winner from Mondo. If (when) you pick up a turntable, definitely check out all the incredible releases from Mondo/Death Waltz, Waxwork, etc. You'll be blowing through all of your money in no time!!

Steve Ring said...

I still have my turntable from the 70s down in the crawlspace. Someday maybe I'll dig it out and see if it works.

Sara said...

I ended up getting a record player (turntable? whatever) last year out of our necessity. Too many awesome records I own are just that. Records. DO IT.