Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Trailer: The Terror


Sara said...

Ohhhh, this looks really good! I’d have to watch it with captions because what the heck either I’m losing my hearing or you cannot understand a word these actors say. I’m sad I don’t have AMC. Maybe I’ll be able to track it down somewhere...

Rot said...

I once watched Master and Commander with the subtitles for the exact same reason.
I thought I was losing my mind ...I couldn't understand a single word.

girl6 said...

man..that ice IS SO Spooky!!!
looks so good. has sucha dreadful feeling like..Ravenous meets The Fog.
definitely checking this out!!!

girl6 said...

Oh & we watched..."30 days of night" recently.
a little pick me up with the current weather status.

Willow Cove said...

Yeah this looks good.
And Master and Commander, my father in law was watching at our house. He turned up the volume for the same reason. And then the cannon fire shook the pictures on the wall

The October boy said...

Read the book and it is one long ass book- curious as to how they will fit it all in or how they edit the story.
A good read and I am looking forward to seeing this adaptation- along with the Alienist which is another of my favorite reads.
I'm digging the new trend of these shows on all of the various networks.