Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Burke & Hare Co Candles

More items here.


Jay's Shadow said...

Ok Mr. Rot, you be the test subject and buy each one and tell me if they are worth it. :D

Rot said...

just so much risk to buy smell un-smelled.
I'm thinking you should buy three every six months and let us know.

Jay's Shadow said...

I’m on it. :D

Baba said...

Two of my favorite candles from Burke & Hare:

Burned at the Stake:
"This candle smells like an evening bonfire, burning leaves and branches alongside hints of clove and spices. This scent will evoke the memory of a crackling campfire and snuggling under blankets."

Cemetary Gates: Sweet Grass + Earth
"This fragrance is lovely and brisk featuring newly overturned dirt under notes of sweet balsam and hay combined with fresh tall grasses. Both earthy and airy, this candle evokes the sense of wandering through headstones on a damp fall morning."

Rot said...

those sound amazing