Monday, June 9, 2008

Field of Scarecrows: Part XVII

We've all seen it, but this is such a lasting image for me. The entire opening scarecrow-hanging scene is pure candy.

Image source.


Jon said...

Might interest you to check out an independent horror film from 2004 called Dead Birds. It's about Confederate soldiers who rob a bank and hole up in an abandoned plantation. The wrong one, as it turns out.

Anyway, excellent horror film with a choice scarecrow scene or two. Worth the watch.


jays shadow said...

I love this movie! heard thre is a 3rd one coming out soon

jays shadow said...

any hints one the new scarecrow for this year?

Rot said...

Yep. I happen to own Dead Birds. : )

Rot said...

no hints on the new scarecrow. yet.

Johnny said...

I have yet to see a truly great movie with a prominent scarecrow. I've seen some shorts that were great, but not a whole film.
"Scarecrows" was great, but there are few others.

I would love to see Tim Burton do a dark adaptation of "Feathertop".