Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Scarecrows Abound

Looking through these pics was very nostalgic. It brought back feelings of what it's like to win second place to a bunch of cutsie scarecrows.

It was nice to see that the winner in the "Scariest" category was based on SkullandBone's Kreep design.

The Scarecrows.

Dothan Area Botanical Garden


Jonathan, Andi, Joey & Evan Graham said...

We all know who the real winner was and that's what is important. Obviously the judges don't know true talent when they see it. I still can't believe "Humpty Dumpty" won that one year.

Rot said...

I have a feeling the year I win first place will be the year I lose my touch. : )

bean said...

everyone of those judges KNOWS you should win first... they just don't want to piss off all the families that come by awarding something wonderfully vile.


Rob said...

Finally I win [almost] something.

Rot said...

Congrats on the win, man! ha