Friday, June 6, 2008

Zombie Portraits

You too can be a "brain chasing ghoul."

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Anonymous said...

My blog is up and running please check it out. Thanks for all your help and inspirational creations! Your advise was much appreciated. I am well on my way with my props and have been diligently working most nights once the family goes to bed. I lock myself in my garage until the early hours of the morning. I use only obituaries collected from the local newspapers in the paper mache. I took your advise using 2 parts elmer's and 1 part water along with a little of my blood i mixed in it to give a piece of myself to my creations. The soil used is collected from a local graveyard near my house. It is brushed over wet latex to give it a real organic look. i will send you pics upon completion if interested. stay true~ Rob

bean said...

i'd love for him to do one of my cat as a zombie.