Thursday, July 10, 2008

Annoy Your Neighbors

With MASSIVE inflatables from Creatable Inflatables. I guess if you're going to do the dreaded inflatable, you might as well do something like this (I like the Ghost best). Though I'm picturing crushed children on a windy Halloween with these giant things.


Letty Cruz said...

ohmy HA! Got tacky neighbors a couple of blocks down who go buck wild with inflatables -- Xmas ones, but the inflatables started appearing on their burnt-out neglected lawn right after Halloween last year. If they see these somewhere they're snapping them up! And crushed children in this context wouldn't be such a bad thing -- yep, I said it!

Jonathan, Andi, Joey & Evan Graham said...

The local newspaper did a big story on a friends haunt and gave directions to his house for people to see it. I told him it would be funny if he had time to take it all down and put up a couple of these inflatable things instead just to mess with people.