Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Dead Man Running

A great article on the debate between the fast-moving or slow-moving zombie. I'm a fan of both, but prefer my zombie on the slow side. For me, it's more believable for something dead and rotting to be incapable of anything above a foot-scraping crawl. Freshly-dead zombies wouldn't be as slow as their rotting counterparts, but I'm thinking the lack of blood pumping through their bodies would still make it difficult to run or move about quickly. And I like the idea of mobs of slow-moving Dead eventually catching up to me, regardless of how well I hide or barricade myself in.

Here's the article.


NecroBones said...

I'm more of a fan of the slow-moving zombies myself, for the reasons you've given. Fast zombies can still make for a good movie, but I guess I'm more old-school about it.

Shotgun said...

there's no such thing as a fast moving zombie... at least according to the zombie survival guide:

(start midway page 9 with the browser, or top of page 7 according to the scanned documents for zombie attributes)