Thursday, July 10, 2008

No Rain Allowed

I find that rain is something that's on my mind a lot during the year. Doing a one-night-only haunt has its risks. Not quite sure what I'd do if it DID rain on Halloween (a solid, long rain, that is). Maybe I'd set the whole thing up the next night and take a bunch of photos, though something tells me I wouldn't be in the mood.

Here's to no rain on Halloween - ever.

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Jonathan, Andi, Joey & Evan Graham said...

Rain would make it a sad, sad day. Or an angry day... I'm not sure.

NecroBones said...

I hear ya. Interestingly, I don't think I remember a real solid rain on Halloween, ever. Light sporadic rain, yes, but never a heavy rain. My props aren't really weather proof, so I've been lucky enough to have several days of clear weather around "the big day" these last few years.

Rot said...

Not since 1993 did I see rain...and THAT was a soaking cold one.

Fingers crossed.